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Silver plates are often used as contacts in mechanical mods, and their quality and details speak volumes about the care and effort put in the project.

ModForge has several years of experience in making silver contacts; starting from the sheet metal 3D modeling, up to dimpling and bending.

Plates are entirely produced in house: cutting, brushing, bending and dimpling is all made in our shop. Plates are also individually packed to avoid any type of defects or scratch on them and to ensure the best quality possible.

Thanks to the in-house manufacturing, orders are processed very fastly: in fact most of the orders are carried out in 2-3 working days.

silver cutting bending dimpling
Curious about how we make them?
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The process






We can start the process off of any sketch or drawing. Providing 3D models (STEP) or 2D file (DXF) is surely good, but not mandatory. All we need is dimensions and quantity. We strongly recommend 0.5 thickness.

We can stop at the cutting, but if you wish, we can also bend and dimple your plates. In that case, when you provide the technical specs, don't forget to attach the informations for bends and dimples.

Bends and dimples require a dedicate jig which is custom machined out of aluminium. If you want to save money from the jig making, send us a message and we'll provide you all the info you need to design a plate which can use one of our many ready-to-use jigs. 

By our standards, every plate gets a brushed finish and individual package.

We choose brushing over polishing for 2 main reasons: the first is related to aesthetics: in our opinion, in fact, a brushed finish will better hide use scratches and wear, and secondly, brushing is way faster, hence less expensive than polishing.

You can also get logo or text deep engraved on your plates. You can see a picture of a deep engraving in the gallery below. Deep engraving is a nice premium feature to implement, and it also has no problem with polishing or brushing in case plates need refurbishing.

The minimum order quantity depends on the geometry and shape of the plates: usually it's around 3-4 sets.

We will gladly make you a quotation in any moment: just send us an email, and don't forget to indicate the quantity and the technical specs.

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