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auròra noun /ɔːˈrɔː.rə/: the glow accompanied by purple coloring, which appears in the eastern sky before sunrise


The first Moddog product after a long night of inactivity couldn't really have a different name. After 3 years since the first drawings the mod is finally ready to break the shadow of the night.


General Specs

AIO Boro Mod

Fully Mechanical

18650 Battery

74.5*51.75*24 mm

Main Features


Endless possibilities of customization


Quick access to the boro and battery


Fire locking mechanism for more safety


999 solid silver contacts


Easy maintenance and dismantling


Moisture protecting enclosure on wood


All tools needed are included


Custom made premium package


Reliable and strong silicone sprung contact

100% Made in Italy

All the Aurora parts are machined and finished in house to ensure the best quality possible.

The mod parts are machined on a CNC router and finished individually by hand. 3D printing everything would be much faster, but we believe that the highest quality knows no shortcuts. 

To make everything looks perfect many hours are spent on each mod to take care of every detail. From sandblasting to laser engraving, from the assembly to the packaging. 

Explore the Collection

We also accept custom orders on Aurora. You get to chose materials, engravings, finishes etc

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