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Nano Series 510 Connector Non BF

Nano Series 510 Connector Non BF

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Top quality non bottom feeder 510 connector in different versions.

  • Technical Informations

    Universal Bottom Feeder 510 Connector:

    -High conductivity (less voltage drop).

    -Hardened copper core (almost as hard as steel).

    -Stainless steel top plate.

    -No leaks thanks to 3 purpose-made gaskets (the gasket between top plate and atomizer is optional. It is not fixed, so it could be removed accordingly to the customer experience).

    -High thermo-mechanical performance glass filled Ultem® insulator.

    -Large contact surface for contact plates and cable terminals.

    -Anti-rotation system as standard on the top plate.

    -3 micron silver and then gold plated copper core components, to minimize maintenance and improve conductivity.

    -Adjustable pin with travel up to 5.5mm from the top plate surface. Adjustable from the top via flathead screwdriver, hex key (1.5mm) or our special tool. The pin is also adjustable from the bottom side with the same hex key (from the bottle side).

    -High quality turning and threading.

    -Reverse threaded pin (turn clockwise to raise the pin).

    -Technical documentation available in PDF at the bottom of this page.

    -Cable terminals not included.

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