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Goldilocks Black Bottle 7.15ml

Goldilocks Black Bottle 7.15ml

SKU: 0110BTL009A
€ 9,00Prezzo

Black Goldilocks bottles, real 7.15ml capacity.

Shipped in a sterilized package.

  • Technical Informations

    Black bottle, black caps, black tube, black silicone bung and a 304 stainless steel end pin.

    Not too soft, not too hard. We tested numerous wall thicknesses and cure times and have produced what we believe to be the perfect bottle.

    Made from certified food grade silicone with food grade 304 stainless steel caps. FDA and LFGB compliance

    Each bottle and it's components are sterilised in a medical autoclave at 134°C for 10 minutes ensuring they are as clean as possible.

    7.15ml completely filled capacity with tube fitted measured by weight.

    Supplied with a generous 80mm tube and a silicone stopper.

    Now shipped with a 304 protank pin.

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