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Glitch 510 Connectors

Glitch 510 Connectors

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A brand new self-adjusting 510 concept to rewrite the rules in terms of size, performance and quality.

The Glitch is a very effective self-adjusting 510 with only 4 parts. It is so simple and solid that you can't just break it or mess with it. This thing is pure innovation!! Further specs in the description below.

  • Technical Informations

    The first self-adjusting connector without any spring (or magnet) inside on the market!

    -High conductivity (less voltage drop).

    -Robust design (very few parts, no springs or magnets).

    -Very strong feedback on the 510 pin (better conductivity).

    -The smallest premium 510 connector on the market.

    -Self adjusting central pin, with soldering hole.

    -The insulator provides elastic momentum to the pin as well.

    -100% leak proof.

    -Gold plated central pin and counternut as standard, to minimize maintenance and improve conductivity.

    -Stainless steel top plate.

    -High quality turning and threading.

    -External size compatible with Nano V2 connectors.

    -Cable terminal not included.


    WARNING: due to the range of motion of the center pin, the cable soldered to it needs to have some slack: do not pull the cable and do not bend the center pin during assembly.


    We tried a lot of different atomizers and all of them sit flush on the 510. The silicone insulator provides a great counterforce, so do not worry if you need to apply a greater force compared to other self-regulating 510s. After a few uses, it will get easier.

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