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DNA60-Charger Flex Cable

DNA60-Charger Flex Cable

SKU: 0102FLX000S

Flex cable purpose made to connect the DNA60 to its optional USB charger.

For a complete description of this product please read below.

  • Technical Informations

    WARNING: solder it swiftly and with a low as possible temperature, it is not a normal printed circuit board and it could melt if soldered incorrectly.

    It allows to simplify and make soldering the two circuits faster, it is much thinner and smaller than normal cables as well.

    It has been made with a longer length than strictly necessary to allow fexibility in its use, it should fit in every kind of mod.

    It's possible to bend it on itself, twist it and flex it to adapt it to the desired length and for non collinear connections between charger and DNA60.

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