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Bottom Adjusting 510 Connector

Bottom Adjusting 510 Connector

SKU: 0103TLB010A
€ 15,00Prezzo

510 connector specifically designed for mech squonkers with bottom adjusting feature, with easy locking mechanism.

  • Technical Informations

    Bottom Adjustable 510 BF Connector:

    -High conductivity (less voltage drop).

    -Rhodium plated center pin to minimize voltaic arcing.

    -16mm stainless steel top plate.

    -No leaks thanks to 2 gaskets.

    -High thermo-mechanical performance glass filled Ultem® insulator.

    -Easy adjusting and locking mechanism.

    -Anti-rotation system as standard on the top plate.

    -3 micron silver plated counternut, to minimize maintenance and improve conductivity.

    -High quality turning and threading.

    -Reverse threaded pin (turn clockwise to raise the pin).

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