Gatling Bottle (Black)

Gatling Bottle (Black)

SKU: 0110BTL012A

Gatling Bottle, 8ml capacity and quick connect/disconnect system.

WARNING: this bottle is custom made to fit our NANO SERIES V2 connectors, it may work with other 510s but we don't guarantee fitment with other connectors. It's NOT COMPATIBLE with the Pulsar. 

  • Technical Informations

    Our Gatling bottle, derived from Pulsar bottles design, offers a quick connect/disconnect system to make refill more convenient and avoid leakage problems present in traditional systems with a protruding silicone tube.


    It can hold 8ml of liquid and it has a cap that can close the bottle completely, to enable carrying of the bottles without any leaks even when there are atmospheric pressure changes (such as on an airplane or during a mountain hike).

    The cap also has a silicone insert fused inside it, meaning it is a single piece with the metal, to ensure a perfect, easy and leakage free fit with our NANO SERIES V2 connectors.

    All the metal parts are made using hard anodized aluminium (which is thicker than standard anodizing) to ensure the best wear resistance possible, the silicone is food-grade.

    The internal silicone tube is custom molded and doesn't require any cutting/fitting to be made by the end-user, it also has a peculiar geometry on its tip to catch even the last drop of juice.

    We recommend watching this whole video in order to better understand all the features of this amazing bottle, which might be easily be one of the most advanced and most innovative on the market.